Frequently Asked Questions

Worker's FAQs

What do I do when I reach a job?

Find the site supervisor, they will then direct you to your duties.

Do I need a valid social insurance number?

Yes, we are the employer of record and will need to file taxes per Canadian tax law.

How do I receive my pay?

Via e transfer to the email on file, within 7 days of job completion date.

Do I need my own safety equipment?

Yes, you must have all the necessary equipment that is required by the job. We do not supply any equipment.

How do I change/add documents on my profile?

Email us at with the subject title “Documentation Change”

Employer's FAQs

Are there any upfront costs?

No, however, we will need to collect payment details before we can send you any workers. You will only be charged for worker hours confirmed by you and payment will be taken once you have checked out all workers.

Can I hire a Securework worker?

Yes! If you find a securework worker you would want apart of your team, please contact us at

What happens if the worker does not show up?

If a worker doesn’t show up you can flag the worker for no show. We will do our best to find you a replacement. You will only be charged for worker hours confirmed by you.

When do I pay for work completed?

We charge the card on file once you have checked out all workers and confirmed the hours worked.