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Busy sourcing resumes and vetting candidates instead of focusing on your business?  We’ve got you covered by revolutionizing the relationship between the employer and employee by bridging the gap between two parties through the mediums of the digital age.

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SecureWork is a full-service, locally based proudly Canadian staffing company. We specialize across diverse industries to hire employees on a permanent, temporary or contract-to-hire basis. We take pride in ourselves on being a one-stop staffing solution for all your staffing needs with the lowest rates in the North American region and having experienced agents working on finding you qualified candidates so you can focus on your business instead of hiring and sourcing endlessly for your ideal staff, thus saving both time and money to be spent on more important things.

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Why us? Well, below are some of the reasons that differentiates us from others!

Focus on business, not on<br />
hiring endlessly
Focus on business, not on
hiring endlessly

Your time is much more valuable than sourcing resumes and vetting candidates. All you need to do is focus on much more important things and let us take care of the rest.

Solid 60-day<br />
Replacement Guarantee
Solid 60-day
Replacement Guarantee

Enjoy a solid 60-day guarantee window to replace a candidate if he/she gets fired or quits within that period (no questions asked policy).

Reasonable rates
Reasonable rates

We have some of the lowest rates in the North American market, with no upfront fees.

24/7/365 phone and<br />
email support
24/7/365 phone and
email support

Throughout the hiring process and afterwards, you will have 24/7/365 access to our services.

Let's get in touch and discuss!

Tell us about the services you are looking for and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

E.g. Looking for an Account Executive with 5 years of experience in Downtown Vancouver with an annual salary package of 80k-100k plus benefits.

Want to know how our recruitment process works?

Let's have a look!

01. Establish Contact & Requirement Analysis
01. Establish Contact & Requirement Analysis

Our recruitment specialist will contact you to discuss and analyze your staffing needs. The purpose of this meeting is to figure out exactly what the organization is looking for, who their ideal candidate is, so that we can get to work and find you a quality candidate as soon as possible.

02. Presenting Shortlisted & Pre-Screened Candidates
02. Presenting Shortlisted & Pre-Screened Candidates

We will at the next point present you with shortlisted qualified candidates, who have been pre-screened and are interested in the opportunity. For every candidate, we will email you a summary of the interview and a detailed resume of the candidate.

03. Setting up In-Person Interviews with candidates.
03. Setting up In-Person Interviews with candidates.

After reviewing each candidate’s resume and summary, you can then select your preferred candidates to meet for a virtual or an in-person interview. We will make the arrangements for that interview to take place over a virtual platform of your choice or at your facility / any other location that you would like.

04. Salary Negotiation and Planning the Offer Letter
04. Salary Negotiation and Planning the Offer Letter

We will help you at every step of the recruitment cycle in every aspect, may it be interview procedures, compensation/salary negotiation, or planning and introducing an offer letter for the selected candidate.

No Requirement for full-time staff as your business relies on
temporary general labour staff from time to time? We'd love to help!

We help organizations in high turnover industries by finding them relief when they need it most.

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We have developed a mobile staffing application to meet your day-to-day requirements. Sign Up for FREE today!

Cheapest on-demand labour in the Canadian market

SecureWork - It’s in the name, is a digitized mobile staffing application designed for busy companies that need on-demand staff at a click of a button.
We know you need to focus on your business and not on hiring and sourcing endlessly for staff. We help organizations in high turnover industries by finding them relief when they need it most.

Hassle-free Registration

Create an employer account, add payment, post a job, and secure a worker. It really is that simple!

Payroll & Worker's Compensation

We take care of the payroll expenses and provide workers' compensation coverage.

Zero commitments

Use SecureWork on a self-serve basis, when your business requires that extra help. Employers are able to test and hire workers on a full-time basis.


Use SecureWork any day, anytime, anywhere. Employers find satisfaction knowing they have access to on-demand staff 24/7/365 at the click of a button.

One flat fee

SecureWork bills employers at a flat per hour rate, per worker, and payment is collected via credit card after the job has been completed. If you require invoicing please contact us at