Want to work with

We understand how vital it is to have
a great work environment.

Be your own boss

Choose when and where you want to work completely on your own schedule.

Get paid daily

We provide industry-leading pay. After completing a shift, you will receive your pay via e-transfer within 24 hours.

Full-time opportunities

Clients are looking to hire for permanent positions throughout the year. Work hard and be recognized.

Variety of work options

You get to choose jobs in the following industries: Warehousing, Cleaning, Construction, and Restaurants.

How it works?

1. Register as a Worker

We require your full legal name, address, email address, and phone number, Government-issued photo id, and your SIN number to process your payroll.

2. Apply to desired job

Read and understand the job description before applying, make sure to come 15 minutes before shift start time and bring any required personal protective equipment.

3. Get Checked-in and Checked-out

When you reach the job site, look for your supervisor, and ask him/her to check you in. After the job is complete, make sure to inform the supervisor.

4. Get paid

Within 24 hours of job completion, you will receive an e-Transfer with your payment for your hours worked and an email with your paystub.

Frequently Asked Question

What do I do when I reach a job?

Find the site supervisor, they will then direct you to your duties.

Do I need a valid social insurance number?

Yes, we are the employer of record and will need to file taxes per Canadian tax law.

How do I receive my pay?

Via e transfer to the email on file, within 24 hours of job completion date.

Do I need my own safety equipment?

Yes, you must have all the necessary equipment that is required by the job. We do not supply any equipment.

How do I change/add documents on my profile?

Email us at support@securework.ca with the subject title “Documentation Change”

* We are currently servicing the Greater Vancouver Area

* Coming soon to Greater Toronto Area

* Industry’s we deal in: Warehousing, Cleaning, Construction and Restaurants